More About Audience Key

Don’t just report on results… 


The difference may seem nuanced at first glance, but the difference between standard reporting versus reporting on your actual, defined, proactive strategy provides an immense difference. 

The Audience Key™ system provides a technology powered framework for content marketing and SEO stakeholders to clearly understand their audience’s search behavior, benchmark where they (and key competitors) stand, and centralize strategy development, its implementation, and its subsequent measurement. 

Strategic Alignment. Finally… 

When stakeholder supporters and stakeholder contributors inside an organization are fully aligned throughout the strategic SEO and content marketing process, the results can be magical. Better upfront decision making, clearer prioritization alignment, and clarity around the results yield numerous benefits to all involved and invested. 

Not a Tool. A Strategic Framework.

Audience Keys tech-enabled methodology supports the end-to-end processes of long term strategic content marketing programs. It’s definitely NOT a tool…but a powerful system built around a strategic SEO framework that brings confidence and clarity to an organization, allowing it to answer the big picture questions: 

  • What is the true scope of opportunity? 
  • Where do we (and our competitors) stand currently against this opportunity set? 
  • What should we do, when, and why
  • How can we ensure our strategy is infused into all implementation activities? 
  • What are the results of what we have chosen to do?  

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