Content Brief Software

Technology to effortlessly centralize data and planning information – helping content creation adhere to its intended strategic plan. 

An output from our keyword mapping software, Audience Key’s content marketing briefs generate automatically for each page, providing a place to strategize, collaborate, optimize, and track the results of your content.

Strategic Content Briefs 

  • Cloud Based for team collaboration and no issues with file version control
  • Real Time Updates: Adding or updating a page’s keyword strategy? The briefing software ensures these changes appear instantly. Ranking performance data updates automatically as well. 
  • Workflow Support: Update statuses and target dates, assign writers & strategists: updates populate throughout the connected strategy system. 
  • NLP Technology: Natural Language Processing technology provides real time feedback on how content aligns with keyword strategy. 
Audience Key Content Brief

Four Components of Our Content Brief Template

Each page’s content brief provides four separate screen tabs, each dedicated to a phase of the content marketing process. 

Content Strategy — Everything for planning evaluation and pre-writing: strategy concept notes, keyword data for each mapped keyword, SEO meta-data planning, target dates, workflow statuses, and assignability to project members. 

Content Optimization — Create an optimized version of content and SEO metadata side by side to your current baseline version of content. Benefit from real time scoring feedback of how content is following and supporting a page’s keyword strategy. 

Progress Reporting — Reporting on the ranking progress of the keywords mapped to the page 

Comparison Reporting — Compare your website’s rankings vs. competitors based on the keywords mapped to the page. See the changes over time of how rankings have progressed.  

Video Overview: Content Optimization Screen

Compare  baseline vs. optimized versions of your content side by side, and utilize the KISS Score (keyword implementation support score) to quickly identify the extent to which your content aligns with your keyword strategy.

Content Brief FAQ

Q: How do I create a content brief? 
A: Content briefs are created automatically each time a URL is added to a project, there’s nothing more to do. 

Q: How do keywords get added to a content brief? 
A: As you add keywords to your project, any time a keyword is mapped to a project URL, the content brief software updates the brief template instantaneously. 

Q: How are keyword rankings updated for reporting on the page’s performance? 
A: Keyword rank tracking is a native capability of Audience Key.  Each time a rank report is run, the result data is updated inside each content brief. No more manual reporting updates – the system does it for you! 

Q: What does the keyword cloud represent? 
A: The keyword cloud is a visual aid regarding the keywords mapped to a page. The content brief keyword cloud helps writers discern the main keyword clusters of focus, useful to help align pre-writing SEO content strategy into the creation process. The visual emphasis is based not just on the keyword frequency, but also accounts for the keyword’s monthly search volume and its relevancy score. 

Q: Can I provide access to additional people, or invite in a writer to just one brief? 
A: Adding project members into your account is easy and free. You can restrict access for members to only view content briefs to which they are assigned (such as an outside writer), or you can provide access to all content briefs in your project – your choice.

Q: Can I write and save content right inside the content brief template? 
A: Yes, the Optimize screen allows you to write and save content in the brief. You can save multiple versions of content, useful for comparing optimization rounds or historical versions of your content strategy.