How Our Content Marketing Platform Works

Our suite of native software solutions form an integrated system supporting end-to-end strategic content marketing.
Audience Key™ is designed around these core principles:

  • Make data manageable and consumable
  • Connect disparate data sources into one integrated system
  • Make strategy actionable

You can think of Audience Key as an ERP for content marketing and SEO. It is common for marketers to leverage a series of one-off tools and data sources and then waste valuable time and energy coordinating all these components manually, often in spreadsheets. A system dynamically interconnected delivers a powerful and efficient end-to-end solution.

Built Around a Proven Methodology

Our platform is designed around a proven methodology for strategic content marketing and SEO. By uniting the many stages of the content marketing cycle into one holistic system, marketers can track and discern the cascading effects of decisions down line. The system centralizes the marriage between upfront data, its organization into strategy, how strategy translates into production, and the progress of results.

Uplevel the Joy & Creativity of Content Marketing

Marketing teams and their stakeholders (C-suite, sales teams, outside agencies, contractors…) stay coordinated and in lock-step throughout the entire strategic process.

Audience Key removes the time-consuming and never ending task of data management and upkeep, yielding substantial lift in the effectiveness, efficiency, and joy of strategic work.

Audience Key’s technology is easy to use and empowers your team to:

  • Ditch spreadsheets
  • Organize a huge volume of keywords with powerful attribution features for flexible cross-sectional analysis
  • Map keywords with team-wide collaboration around the strategic content mapping process
  • Use attribution tools to organize and segment by personas, content types, funnel stages, SERP features, and more
  • Utilize dynamic content briefs that reflect strategy updates instantly
  • Vet, share, and prioritize proposed content plans using collaborative planning screens
  • Visually organize planning with a built-in editorial calendar
  • Leverage native keyword rank tracking and SERP assessment technology tied directly to your strategic plan
  • Share progress reporting at key levels of granularity: keyword level > page level > section level > project level
  • Use advanced filtering to drill down to segmented and cross-sectional reporting views – the insights you can glean and share are amazing!

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