Audience Edge: Edge SEO CMS & Publishing

Audience Edge allows you to push content straight from the Audience Key content briefs into a CDN for total SEO control like you’ve never seen before.

Audience Edge: Edge SEO Publishing with Audience Key

Are technical restrictions or development queues blocking your SEO and content marketing success? The Audience Edge feature allows you to push content information straight from the Audience Key content briefs into a CDN (such as Cloudflare) without interacting directly with your site’s infrastructure.  Commonly referred to as ‘SEO edge publishing’, Audience Edge allows Audience Key to act as your serverless edge CMS.  

What can I do with Audience Edge SEO publishing?

  • Publish or update new page content (written content and imagery)
  • Gain FULL autonomy and control over URL structures (overcome URL limitations imposed by closed end systems such as Shopify)
  • Control crawl sculpting elements such as HREFLANG, canonical tags, and meta robots. 
  • Add/augment internal linking
  • Conduct controlled SEO A/B tests

Why publish with SEO edge technology? 

Marketers can do marketing without obstacles that slow them down or block them with limitations imposed by their CMS.

Two main use cases stand out. 

Bypassing Dev Support Bottlenecks: Marketers working within the constraints of custom built enterprise systems often lack the ability to publish and update content without dev support. Once set up, Audience Edge enables this to happen: creating a win-win for marketers and their developer team alike. 

Overcoming CMS Limitations: Many times a closed end CMS blocks control over important SEO elements on a page, such as ideal URL structure, canonical tags, redirects, or hreflang tags. Audience Edge allows you to work around and over these limitations. Want to create sub-sub-sub category pages in Shopify for example? Now you can! 

Setting up Audience Edge

Audience Edge is a premium feature and requires an initial configuration and setup.

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