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Audience Key, a new web-based content marketing platform, announces its public debut today. The system integrates a host of native tools to form an interconnected platform for running strategic content marketing programs end-to-end. Features include keyword organizing & mapping technology, collaboration tools for strategic planning, sophisticated search result tracking, and competitor reporting.

“Throughout our years in content marketing we’d all leveraged a number of disparate data sources and software systems to develop and execute on strategic programs, and there was always this one common frustration we kept coming back to,” said Tom Rusling, veteran SEO and content marketer and founder of Audience Key. “With lots of sources for data available, lots of tools for tracking and reporting at our disposal, there was still no system that brought everything together into a strategic hub… strategy — it’s the process that sits between data and results. We were spending more time managing data upkeep and mashing lots of things into spreadsheets and Google docs than we were being strategic.”

Audience Key can be likened to an ERP (enterprise resource platform) for SEO and digital content marketing. It coordinates keyword research, page-level keyword mapping, strategic content briefs, content planning, competitor analysis, and performance reporting under one platform.

“Connecting the data, strategic planning, and reporting pieces together in one place introduces a surprisingly powerful amount of leverage into a content marketing program – while addressing the elusive ROI questions that are notoriously hard to answer,” added Sam Ingrassia, VP of engineering and principal engineer of Audience Key.

About Audience Key:

In development since 2017, Audience Key has been actively running content marketing programs for the last 20 months on behalf of private testers. In that time Audience Key has managed over 500,000 unique keyword phrases, analyzed 950 million search engine result pages, and abstracted over 9.5 million domain ranking results. With proven stability and success cases the creators are now ready to open system usage to a larger audience of in-house and agency marketers looking for a competitive edge to work smarter, faster, and clearly demonstrate the value of their results.